How to care for the 2016, 2017, 2018 MacBook Pros to avoid the screen and keyboard issues.

Follow these quick tips to avoid unnecessary computer damages to your MacBooks (2016, 2017, 2018 models)

Unbeknownst to some us, some of the computer repair trouble we have is something we could have avoided totally or at least reduce the risk of the occurrence of the damage. The key parts of the computer that usually gets damaged and needs repair are the screen, keyboards fan, etc.

The newer models of the MacBook requires great care, which brings me to the question, “How well do you care for your MacBook?”

Some of you might be wondering now if there’s some special procedure to MacBook care. I will be giving tips below and you can check it out if you already have a care plan for your MacBook to ensure that you are not missing anything and for those who do not have a plan this would be a learning experience.


Some excuses that I have heard with respect to MacBook cases are that it makes the computer heavier & bulkier; I agree, Its importance, however, cannot be overemphasized, protective cases helps to reduce the impact of any form of pressure.

From personal experience with fixing computers, this added pressure is what causes screen malfunctions or breakages that may seem surprising to us especially for the MacBook Pro 2016, 2017, 2018 models. Asides the screen protection the protective case also serves to protect against cosmetic damages to the body of the laptop i.e scratching et al, this is important as this cosmetic damages greatly reduces the salvage value of these laptops.


Most Tech persons say that this spoils the fun and makes the product less interactive - what if that is how it is made?

This Keyboard covers not only helps to prevent the keyboard from wear and tear, its most important function for me is how it prevents dust from getting under the keyboard hood (This dust is the reason why some key presses fails to register), it also protects liquid from getting into the computer in the case of an accidental liquid spillage - The most sensitive part of the computer( logic board ) is directly under the keyboard. This is a must have for anyone using the 2016, 2017, 2018 MacBook Pro models as their butterfly keyboard model fails easily. Several colors of these covers exist too, so it can be fun and you can also choose to go incognito with a transparent one.


When packing the Computer in your bag, always make sure that the screen side is packed facing the flat part of your bag such that nothing is pressing against it (the screen). Most times this is the first cushioned layer of the backpack - The Laptop should be placed such that the screen faces the carriers-back. For ladies handbags, the laptop should be placed at the edge of the bag such that other things are behind the laptop. The key is to make sure nothing presses unevenly against the screen when someone presses the bag.

Most Times we tend to unknowingly exert pressure on our laptops when they are in our bags (can be somebody resting or sitting on it on the car seat, can also be you trying to hold it tight in some situations). These Pressure exerting situations are in our everyday lives and the best way around it is to just pack the laptop in the right way in the bag and use the cover described in Page 1.

4. Avoid using the laptop on a bed or other soft-depressing surfaces:

The laptop has a cooling system with a fan blowing heat away underneath the computer through vents. When you place this computer on soft depressing surfaces like a bed, the vents are blocked and the heat can't be blown away from the system leading to overheating. If it is important that you work on your bed which is usually understandable, place a hard-flat substance(book, flat-board, etc). under the Laptop and make sure the vents aren't blocked. For MacBooks, the vent is just beneath the screen, so you just have to make sure that part is not blocked while it's in use.

5. Always use a Good Technician:

Your MacBook should be handled with care and as such, it should be fixed by trained professional technicians. This is because one damage to the computer no matter how minor could have an adverse effect on the effectiveness of the computer if it's not properly fixed.

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