Selecting the right computer for your business is very important to the growth and success of your business. We discussed some factors to consider when selecting the perfect work laptop here. Here are some other important factors to consider when choosing a new computer for work:

  • Memory and Storage:

The memory of a computer is the RAM or Random Access Memory, it is directly related to helping your computer perform multiple tasks at the same time. A 2GB RAM is not advisable for your business as it is very slow and may prove to be frustrating. A 4GB or 8GB RAM is preferable. 16GB RAMs might be too much if you plan to use your computer for small tasks and as such, it would be underutilised and end up being a waste of money. However, it is ideal for running several high-performance tasks simultaneously.

The storage, on the other hand, refers to the HDD or SDD of your computer, it is where you save your files and programs permanently. Up until recent times, the major storage option was the Hard Disk Drive (HDD). However, a fairly new addition, the Solid State Drive (SSD) has been preferred because of its advantages, at times, it is used in combination with the HDD. The Hard Disk Drive is the more common storage option, however, its disadvantages include; the fact that the Operating System (OS) takes a long time to boot up, other applications take a longer time to load and files take longer to open and save. A Solid State Drive (SSD) is a type of flash storage, it is smaller and has no moving parts. Its advantages over HDD include the fact that it is faster than HDD, it is more durable and far more compact than HDD. This makes it a better choice for storage when choosing a computer. The SSD is not a good long term storage option as it has a time of life, but the HDD can last forever. The best is a combination of SSD and HDD where SSD boots up the Operating System(OS) and other most-used apps while the Hard Disk Drive can be used for mass storage. It is important to note that SSDs make computers relatively more expensive but it is definitely worth it in the long run.

  • Clock speed:

The clock speed is the rate at which the computer processor can complete a task or a processing cycle. It is measured in MHZ or GHz. The processor clock speed determines how quickly the CPU can retrieve and interpret instructions. A fast clock speed helps to complete more tasks by getting them done faster. The higher the GHz the better. So a 3.6GHZ speed processor is faster than a 3.0GHZ speed processor. A higher GHZ computer is better suited to an employee that carries out multiple tasks that are core to the business function.

  • Graphics card:

A very important component of your future computer is the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Next to the CPU, the GPU has the most impact on your computer’s performance. The graphics card is the component of the computer that translates information into images and subsequently sends them to a display. The more powerful the graphics card is, the faster the processing of information and thus the better the visual experience. A graphics card is relevant for gaming, video editing (where it is used to speed up processes like encoding videos, 3D rendering etc). If you are going to be making use of applications such as AutoCAD, Adobe Premiere Pro and other similar software, you should definitely opt for a computer with a dedicated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). If you are not doing a lot of video editing, animation and so on, you might consider getting a computer with a Core i5 processor and SSD if you are on a tight budget.

The most important hack to buying the ideal work computer is to buy different levels of computers according to the requirements of the staff working with it. This way a receptionist would need a 4GB RAM, Intel Celeron/Pentium desktop or Laptop computer while a marketer who goes out to make presentations would do better with an 8GB or 4GB RAM, Core i3 laptop. A graphics designer or Web-designer would need a laptop or desktop of a higher standard with a core i5 because of the work he /she does.

  • Battery/touchscreen / Keyboard light:

If the employee will be working at night out of the office, considering the power situation in Nigeria, The Computer should have a good battery back-up time and preferably a keyboard light.

The touchscreen feature on computers is usually a want rather than a need for most people, in addition, they are very hard to manage and fix, so if it is not very important, touchscreen computer should be avoided.

Following the principles highlighted will help you choose good work computers for you and your team members.

Do not give computers on the basis of hierarchy; whereby a top-level manager gets a 16GB RAM, Intel Xeon computer even though he/she does not do more than review reports and send emails, while a marketer has a 4GB RAM, Intel Celeron laptop which may not serve his/her needs simply because they are lower on the hierarchy.

We hope we have been able to make your computer buying decision easier. Kindly drop your comments.

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