The True Cost of Computer Downtime at Our Workplace in Nigeria.

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Picture this, it’s 11 am on Monday morning and you just got an email from your team supervisor to

prepare a sample budget for an urgent presentation later that afternoon at one of the Big 4 Companies.

You rush to your office and switch on your computer with all the ideas and strategies to blow your

client’s mind swimming in your mind’s eye. This is the perfect opportunity to impress your boss and

secure a 10 million naira deal for the company. But wait, you repeatedly press the power button and

nothing happens. You check the plug at the socket, plug in the computer and try again.

Your blood runs cold as you realize that all your hopes and dreams of impressing your boss and winning

this deal just crashed with the laptop. You place a quick call to your IT guy in Computer village but he’s

stuck in traffic trying to reach another client, he won’t be able to get to you till tomorrow and he’s the

only one you trust with your computers and gadgets.

You bury your head in your hands as you remember what happened a month ago when you were trying

to prepare a presentation during the weekend and the computer crashed but you were not able to have

it fixed till Monday morning. You had tried to work on another computer to prepare the presentation but

all your research was on that laptop so you were poorly prepared for the presentation and you lost the

deal. You feel a rising tide of frustration and helplessness as you realize that the same thing might be

happening again…

The above scenario is a classic case of an unplanned IT outage. Despite advances in technology and infrastructure, occasional software, hardware and database downtime occurs and according to IBM

Global, the average cost of an application outage was up to $2.8million in revenue per hour and can affect the entire supply chain of the product/ service if not quickly attended to.

Needless to say, the exact cost of IT downtime depends on the size of the business as well as the level of dependence on IT. It also depends on which aspect of the business was affected. A systems failure at the British Airways resulted in cancelled flights for about 75.000 passengers, more than $68 million

dollars in reimbursements and a drop in stock prices.

Here are a few consequences of an IT time;

  • Revenue impact; as discussed in the preceding paragraphs.

  • Reduction in productivity: as technology advances, more employees depend on their computers for recording ideas for work, conducting research for projects etc. An IT downtime would result in a disturbance in the research process and might likely lead to an alteration in ideas or even a reduction of inspired brainstorming sessions.

  • Loss of files: important files could be lost during the process of recovery which would definitely set the business back by a significant amount of man-hours, money and time.

  • Failure to meet deadlines: Unplanned IT downtimes have been cited as one of the major reasons for failure to meet deadlines by employees. It has even been documented that a slight, unplanned interruption in the work process of an employee could reduce his/her focus and make achieving the previous level of focus difficult or even impossible.

  • Damaged reputation and loyalty: Frequent unplanned IT downtimes will invariably result in the smearing of a business’s reputation. Most customers would not even wait for an explanation for the disruption of services before taking to social media to bash the unwitting company or even firing the company entirely and opting for a more reliable vendor.

Thankfully there are viable solutions to solving an unplanned IT downtime and it is very important to

choose the right kind of IT firm to handle your IT solutions. When choosing an IT firm, here are a few

things to put into consideration:

  • Response time: the faster the better.

  • Payment schedule: the more flexible the payment schedule, the more benefit it is to you.

  • Ease of access: how can you contact your IT firm? Via calls? Emails? Text messages? Is there an app available that makes the troubleshooting process easier?

  • Honest and skilled technicians: it is important to hire technicians with the required know-how and an understanding of confidentiality. If necessary, a Non-Disclosure Agreement may be drawn up if sensitive information is involved. This can be done when you employ an IT firm on a long term or short term contract basis.

It is very difficult to find a firm with all the needed qualities, especially in Lagos with the ever-present horror of traffic which can significantly reduce response time. One firm that has proven itself over and over again with a track record for excellence, is Computer Doctor, an emergency computer

repair firm based in Lagos.

  • It provides a unique business solution in that it runs a mobile repair station mounted on motorcycles which makes it easy to beat traffic.

  • It also has technicians stationed at strategic points across Lagos hence the technician nearest to you is automatically selected.

  • There is an app to be launched in Jan 2020 which can be used to order/ request for a technician.

  • Their technicians are honest and very skilled with factory standard repair capabilities. They also have an understanding of privacy and confidentiality when it comes to sensitive files.

  • They have a flexible payment scheme where payment can be made at the end of the month for all repairs done.

  • Best of all, they offer a 3-month warranty for all repairs done which ensures that you get the best value for your money!

For the best value for your money and ease of access to quality repair services both for your business and personal computers, Computer Doctor is the best choice!

So next time you experience an unplanned IT failure, simply relax and call the best solution to the situation. Stay tuned for more articles on the best way to maintain your computers.


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