Why your High Priced computer ‘still’ hangs.

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Serving at my job as a computer technician and going to offices to fix computers, I have come across complaints from people about high priced computers still being slow after eliminating all known factors. This is the reason for this article and it applies to computers running Microsoft Windows operating system.

We got a call on one Monday morning from the CEO of one of the top graphics design firms in Lagos, he was complaining bitterly about the computers he recently bought for hundreds of thousand Nairas being slow. He couldn't understand how the 8th generation Core i7, 4G Nvidia 16G DDR3 ram, 1TB HDD computers became slow; I eventually realized that this is a problem most people face and I am going to say why in this write-up.

When your computer hangs or slows you down, the first thing you need to do is press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC; this will display the task manager, click more details to open the expanded view like this:

Usually when a Computer hangs, one of these components is usually in full use i.e it has used 100% of its capacity. What I realized with high-priced computers that hangs is that the disk(hard disk drive) is usually the culprit, being between 90% to 100% usage as the processor tries to process your requests, so the HDD fails to respond adequately to the processor requests causing your computer to hang. Saying an Hard drive is using 100% of its capacity, I do not mean the storage size, I am talking about the read and write rate of the Hard disk drive.

Other factors can cause your computer to hang, but a survey carried out by our team on Nigerian high-end computer users has shown that the HDD is mostly the reason why most of these computers are slow.

How then do we solve this HDD problem? Watch out for our next article.

In the mean time, If you have any questions, feel free to comment or reach us at twitter.com/computerdrng or call/whatsapp us on 07084679169.


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